Resynchronization Programs with Estrus Detection and Economic Evaluation – Dr. Todd Bilby

July 27, 2018

In this presentation, Dr. Todd Bilby, Associate Director of Ruminant Technical Services for Merck Animal Health, evaluates the economics of using resynchronization programs with estrus detection in dairy cows. Programs such as, presynchroniztion and ovsynch can be very beneficial to dairy producers when their cows are not conceiving from current reproduction programs. When this is the case, the goal needs to be to better detect the estrus cycle in the herd. Dr. Bilby covers specific programs that help promote and extend estrus and also evaluates the economics of these programs on the dairy.

What you will learn:

  • Presynch before ovsynch will improve fertility whether it is first AI or resynch
  • GnRH/hCG will reduce estrus and PGF will promote
  • Estrus detection is important but accurate detection is required for good conception rates

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Dr. Todd Bilby Headshot

Dr. Todd Bilby

Associate Director,
Ruminant Technical Services
Merck Animal Health

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