Legacy Series

Welcome to the Legacy Series!

In this inaugural Legacy Series, we are pleased to honor four individuals that have pioneered true breakthroughs in our understanding of nutrition physiology and metabolism of dairy cows:  Dr. Dale Bauman from Cornell University, Dr. Bill Thatcher from the University of Florida, Dr. Don Palmquist from The Ohio State University and Dr. Kenneth Cummings from ARPAS.  These interviews, conducted by Dr. Tom Jenkins of Clemson University, will give you a unique perspective as you learn about the person behind the research and how they overcame the many obstacles along their path of discovery.  Our hearty thanks to their tremendous research efforts that have vastly improved the way we feed and manage dairy cows today, and have paved the way for future generations.

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Dr. Dale Bauman

Biohydrogenation Theory of Milk Fat Depression

Dr. Don Palmquist & Dr. Ken Cummings

Development & Commercialization of Calcium Salts of Fatty Acids

Dr. Bill Thatcher

The Role of Fatty Acids in Enhancing the Reproductive Performance of Dairy Cattle

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