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A mobile web app that helps dairy nutrition professionals improve the performance of fatty acids in their dairy cattle diets.

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Jenkins Fat Checker

Wondering how much fat may be too much in your dairy diets? The Jenkins Fat Checker tool is intended to describe practical limits of rumen-active and total added fat that gives an acceptable milk response in situations where you are:

  1. Considering fat for the first time
  2. Changing sources of rumen-active fat, or
  3. The composition of your present fat source has changed dramatically.

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QuickGuideToFattyAcids_thQuick Guide to Fatty Acids

Each fatty acid has specific roles in the dairy cow and the balance of these fatty acids plays a tremendous role in milk and milk fat production, reproduction and the immune status of the animal. This guide provides an overview of the basics on the main fatty acids in dairy cow diets and the roles that they play, as well as an easy reference of how these fatty acids flow from the rumen to the small intestine, and the impacts of biohydrogenation on actual fatty acids utilized by the cow. Save this mobile page to your home screen for easy access at any time!

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Prequel Logo Simplified
Prequel, a calcium salt of fatty acid supplement with Omega-6s, is fed at ¼ lb. feeding rate for 21 days pre-fresh in order to boost omega-6 levels during that critical transition period.

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Strata Logo Simplified

High in EPA/DHA Omega-3s, Strata significantly improves the omega ratio in lactating diets, delivering more milk and improved reproductive performance.  Feed Strata up to .4 pounds in the fresh pen and .25 pounds in the early breeding pens to give your cows a fresh start with omega balanced diets.

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EnerGII Logo

EnerGII is an American-made calcium salt of fatty acids that increases energy for milk production and improves body condition by boosting long chain fatty acid absorption in the small intestine.

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