Individual Fatty Acid Digestibility – Dr. Jacquelyn Boerman

November 15, 2019

In this video, Dr. Jacquelyn Boerman from Purdue University reviews her research on the digestibility of individual fatty acids and how digestibility is affected by the amount and ratio of individual fatty acids at the small intestine.

What You Will Learn

  • For every individual fatty acid, other fatty acid concentrations reaching the small intestine impacted the digestibility, indicating that profile and not just amount of FA reaching the duodenum may impact digestibility.
  • C18:0 (Stearic Acid) will be the fatty acid in greatest quantities available for digestion and absorption.
  • The greatest upside in improving digestibility will likely come from finding ways to improve digestibility of stearic acid.

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Dr. Jacquelyn Boerman

Assistant Professor Department of Animal Sciences Purdue University

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