Grouping Cows for Beyond Average Results – Dr. Bill Weiss, The Ohio State University

August 27, 2015

Grouping Cows for Beyond Average Results – Dr. Bill Weiss

Western Canadian Dairy Seminar 2015

Recap by Bob Myers, Midwest Sales Manager
Virtus Nutrition

Cows in a group are not all the same. There’s always a range in days in milk, lactation number, production level, and genetic potential. The fact is that we have to group cows to manage cows. Here are some helpful guidelines that Dr. Bill Weiss from The Ohio State University recently shared at the 2015 Western Canadian Seminar for nutritionists to help improve how we feed groups of cows for results beyond the average.


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  1. Ehsan says:

    Dear Bob,

    I’ve read Dr. Weiss’s paper in Western Canadian Dairy Seminar, but he did not talk in his paper about the factors you brought in your presentation (e.g. 1.16 x MP-allowable milk and so on). Do you have any other resource? If yes, could you please share that with me?


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