DCAD: Production and Digestion Responses by Dr. Richard Erdman

August 5, 2016


Check out this next segment from Dr. Richard Erdman, from the University of Maryland.  Listen in as Dr. Erdman dives into his second segment on the production and digestion responses.  You will learn:

1) Rumen pH and volatile fatty acid responses were consistent with effects on rumen biohydrogenation, milk fat percent and yield, and NDF and dry matter digestibility.

2) A major part of response to DCAD is due to the changes in the animal’s rumen environment.

3) Strong ions (Na, K and Cl) are absorbed across the rumen wall and intestine affecting cow’s acid-base status.

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Dr. Richard Erdman

Department of Animal & Avian Sciences
University of Maryland

Dr. Richard Erdman was born and raised on a dairy farm near Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. After completing his Ph.D. in animal nutrition at the University of Kentucky in 1979, he joined the Dairy Science Department at the University of Maryland where he is currently Professor of Animal Sciences in the Animal and Avian Sciences Department. Dr. Erdman’s research has primarily focused on nutrition of the dairy cow with emphasis on energy metabolism and the effects of nutrition on rumen function and milk components. Dr. Erdman has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in applied nutrition, energy metabolism, and dairy management. He has served as major professor to more than 30 graduate students who hold positions in industry and academia. Dr. Erdman has received several awards including the American Feed Industries Award for Dairy Nutrition Research in 1996. He was a member of the NRC subcommittee, which wrote the 2001 NRC Nutrient Requirements for Dairy Cattle and is currently the chair of Dairy NRC subcommittee charged with updating the 2001 NRC.


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