The High Fertility Cycle – Dr. Paul Fricke

October 7, 2020

In this video, Dr. Paul Fricke explains The High Fertility Cycle and the interaction between reproductive performance and nutrition, specifically focusing on body condition loss after calving.

What You Will Learn

  • What impact does post-calving body condition loss has on embryo quality?
  • How much does body condition loss or gain after calving directly impact conception rates and pregnancy?  
  • How to minimize body condition loss after calving and achieve the “The High Fertility Cycle” with synchronization programs and other breeding protocols.

Chapters allow you to navigate through the content with just a few clicks and watch what is most relevant to you if you may not have time for the full video now. Here are the chapters for this session from Dr. Fricke:

  1. What is Body Condition Scoring? 0:40
  2. “The Britt Hypothesis”: Grouping Postpartum Cows by Maintained BCS or Lost BCS. 1:30
  3. Embryo Quality and Body Weight Change 7:00
  4. Will a Change in BCS Early Postpartum Affect Fertility to Timed AI? 13:18
  5. BCS Change Before & After Calving 18:02
  6. Avoiding Over-conditioned Cows 23:30
  7. Implementing BCS Evaluations 27:37
  8. Synchronization Programs and Protocols 31:10

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Dr. Paul Fricke

Professor of Dairy Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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