Production Responses to Fatty Acid Supplementation are Impacted by the Profile Rather Than the Form of the Supplement – Alycia M. Bales, PhD.

June 20, 2024

What matters more when choosing a fat supplement…the fatty acid profile or the form (ca salt vs. prill) of the product? In this study recap, Michigan State Graduate Student, Alycia Bales, takes us through her research with a head-to-head comparison of these three variations: 1) 70:20 Palmitic to Oleic blend of a prill and Ca salt, 2) 70:20 Palmitic to Oleic Ca Salt, and 3) a traditional Ca Salt (50:35 Palmitic to Oleic).

What you will learn:

  • If the production responses and nutrient digestibility are influenced  more by the form or the fatty acid profile of a fat supplement.
  • The differences in milk fat, milk flow, dry matter intake and body condition by treatment.
  • Why measuring results from fat feeding should go beyond monitoring milk fat %, as fatty acids fed are affecting DMI, body condition, components and flow.

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Alycia Bales, PhD

Graduate Student – Michigan State University


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