How Bioactive Fatty Acids Change Milk Fat Synthesis – Dr. Kevin Harvatine

June 24, 2016


Check out this segment from Dr. Kevin Harvatine from Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences as he dives into how bioactive fatty acids change milk fat synthesis.

What you will learn? 

  • Diet-induced milk fat depression (MFD) is not caused by a limitation of substrate, although substrate can change milk fat yield to a small degree in some situations (not MFD)
  • Bioactive fatty acids cause diet-induced MFD and have provided significant insight into the regulation of mammary lipid synthesis
  • SREBP1 and S14 are important signaling factors, but other signaling systems are undoubtedly also involved

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Dr. Kevin Harvatine

Assistant Professor of Nutritional Physiology
Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences

Dr. Kevin Harvatine is an Associate Professor of Nutritional Physiology in the Department of Animal Science at Penn State University.  His research includes dairy nutrition and lactation research and he teaches a junior level course on the Principles of Animal Nutrition.  He was raised on his family’s dairy farm in Pennsylvania and received his undergraduate degree from Penn State.  His Masters work was completed under the supervision of Dr. Mike Allen at Michigan State University and his Ph.D. and post-doctoral work was completed at Cornell University under the supervision of Dr. Dale Bauman and Dr. Yves Boisclair.  Kevin’s field of expertise is nutritional regulation of lactation.  Currently his research investigates regulation of milk fat synthesis and circadian regulation of lactation.  His lab conducts experiments that range from applied dairy nutrition to mechanistic molecular biology experiments.


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