Forage Lipids: More Than You Think? – Dr. Tom Jenkins & Dr. John Andrae

May 14, 2013

In this session, Dr. Jenkins forage lipids, including:

  • Fatty Acids in some early vegetative grasses and legumes are comparible to many high fat TMR fed to dairy cows.
  • Ensiled Forages, inculding corn silage, have wide variability in fatty acid content and accumulation of free fatty acids that can define the amount type of lipid consumed by cows.
  • Changes in amount and characteristics of forage lipids over time can play a role in determining overall diet effects on rumen function and lactation performance.

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Dr. Tom Jenkins

Professor, Department of Animal & Veterinary Sciences
Clemson University

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Dr. John Andrae

Associate Professor, Forage Extension Specialist
Clemson University

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