Fat vs. Corn: Time to Re Evaluate – Dr. Tom Jenkins

September 17, 2012

Dramatic increases in the price of corn have revitalized the discussion on the profitability of substituting fats for cereal grains in dairy rations. Join Dr. Tom Jenkins, the leading expert on feeding fatty acids for dairy cows, for this thought provoking discussion on evaluating your options for fat utilization given the pending forage shortages and unpredictable grain markets.

Dr. Jenkins covers:

  • Current strategies with fat sources to improve peformance and cost effectiveness of the ration.
  • Best methods for weighing the benefits of fats vs. corn (cost per Mcal total energy or other?)
  • What impact does replacing a pound of corn with fat have on energy density and energy available for milk production?

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Dr. Tom Jenkins

Professor, Department of Animal & Veterinary Sciences
Clemson University

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