Effects of EPA/DHA Omega-3 in Partially Alleviating Heat Stress Effects – Dr. Daniel Rico

February 27, 2023

Research has shown that production losses during heat stress are not simply due to a loss in dry matter intake.  In fact, the heat stress effects that are not due to lower intakes is a result of immune activation and the effects of inflammation.  In this study recap, Dr. Daniel Rico from CRSAD in Quebec explains the findings of their latest research that explores EPA/DHA omega-3s as a possible method of reducing the inflammatory effects of heat stress.

What you will learn:

  • How they quantified the  effects of immune activation vs. lost DMI due to heat stress in this study.
  • The effects of EPA/DHA omega-3 on the cows’ metabolism during heat stress, including improved insulin sensitivity and lower NEFAs.
  • Outcomes on improved milk production, lower rectal temperature and respiration rates in cows under heat stress with an increased supply of EPA/DHA omega-3.

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Dr. Daniel Rico

Researcher and Adjunct Scientific Director



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