Florida Ruminant Nutrition Symposium

The Florida Ruminant Nutrition Symposium was hosted by University of Florida on February 3-5, 2020. The conference included the latest research and advances on diet formulation and nutritional management of dairy and beef cattle to improve efficiency of nutrient utilization, and animal production, health, and reproduction. As a proud sponsor, Virtus Nutrition provided a pre-conference with a lineup of experts in fatty acid nutrition.

Short Interviews by Dr. Jenkins

Dr. Tom Jenkins from Clemson University guides us through the event with casual sit-down interviews of speakers from both the pre-conference and the symposium itself.


Dr. Tom Jenkins with Dr. José Santos (Pt. 1)

In this interview with Dr. Jenkins, Dr. Jose Santos reviews his presentation of evaluating the effects of fatty acid nutrition and fertility responses using data from a meta-analysis summary.


Dr. Tom Jenkins with Dr. José Santos (Pt. 2)

Listen in to hear Dr. Jose Santos summarize how additional fatty acid  supplementation leads to significant reproductive responses such as improved conception and reduced pregnancy loss.


Dr. Tom Jenkins with Dr. Barry Bradford

Dr. Barry Bradford shares the mechanisms of how fatty acids function as signaling molecules within the cells, along with the direct benefits and roles that omega fatty acids have on the immune cell function. 


Dr. Tom Jenkins with Dr. Joe McFadden

Dr. Joe McFadden explains insulin sensitivity and how specific fatty acids can either reduce or improve it, which impacts both milk production and overall cow health.


Dr. Tom Jenkins with Dr. Kevin Harvatine

Dr. Harvatine with Penn State University briefly shares his knowledge of variation in fatty acids within feeds, specifically corn silage.


Dr. Tom Jenkins with Dr. Bill Thatcher

Dr. Bill Thatcher remembers the late Dr. Charlie Staples and shares his memories of working alongside Dr. Staples at the University of Florida studying reproduction and nutrition.

Full Length Presentations

Watch the fully-recorded fatty acid presentations from the Florida Ruminant Nutrition Symposium and Virtus Nutrition Pre-Conference event.


Dr. Jacqueline Boerman

What Have We Learned About Fatty Acid Digestibility in Dairy Cattle?


Dr. Barry Bradford

Transition Cows: How Fatty Acids Affect Immunity, Production and Health


Dr. Kevin Harvatine

The Intersection of Dietary and Milk Fatty Acids: How Photoperiod and Variability Affect Production


Dr. Tom Jenkins

Factors That Modify Rumen Fatty Acid Outflow Versus Feed Input


Dr. Joseph W. McFadden

Fatty Acid Biology and Nutrition to Optimize Health and Production


Dr. Bill Thatcher

Fatty Acids and Fertility: The Contributions of Dr. Charles R. Staples

See the full proceedings from the University of Florida!