Super Efficient.

EnerGII Specs

EnerGII® is the most efficient energy solution for your herd—improving conception, body condition and milk—all on a little less intake.

Super Safe.

EnerGII safely packs a punch delivering more than 2.5 times the energy of corn without upsetting rumen balance!

Super Reliable.

With 50% palmitate and 35% oleic, EnerGII has a tested and trusted fatty acid profile that delivers 5 lbs. of fat corrected milk at a 1 lb. feeding rate.

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EnerGII vs. Distillers

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The Search for the Perfect Profile

Dr. Kevin Murphy, Technical Director, Virtus Nutrition

What is EnerGII?

EnerGIIEnerGII is an American-made calcium salt of fatty acids that increases energy for milk production and improves body condition by boosting long chain fatty acid absorption in the small intestine.  Providing 250% more energy than corn, EnerGII is highly digestible and delivers more milk with a little less intake.  Virtus Nutrition uses proprietary manufacturing processes and a precise quality formulation for this efficient energy source to assure the consistency needed to decrease the inherent variability in diets and deliver the same efficient energy season in and season out.

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