Quick Guides to Fatty Acids

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The name says it all as these ‘Quick Guides to Fatty Acids’ provide timely and easy to reference fatty acid concepts. Each of the Quick Guides to Fatty Acids are a complete lesson on fatty acid basics, accompanied by a 3–5 minute video. Designed for several different roles, the quick guides to fatty acids are helpful if you are:

  • A nutritionist who wants to brush up on the basics of fatty acid balancing, or who could utilize simple visuals to share with your clients.
  • A dairy producer who is looking to improve milk, milk fat and herd health through fine tuning the fatty acid balance in their diets.
  • A student who wants to dig deeper into dairy nutrition to build your base knowledge beyond your current course work.
  • A Dairy Science professor who wants to make Fatty Acid education more accessible and simplified through short online videos.

Topics for this course

7 Lessons27m 22s

Quick Guides to Fatty Acids

Fatty Acids in Dairy Feed: Roles & Rumen Biohydrogenation00:05:11
Total Fatty Acids: Where Are They in a Typical Dairy Diet?00:04:14
Managing Milk Fat: 18:2 vs. Rumen Protection00:03:12
Digestibility of Fatty Acids: Oleic & Stearic Effects00:04:01
Fatty Acids Impact on Feed Efficiency00:03:12
Omega Fatty Acids & Immune Balance00:04:31
Omega Fatty Acids Impact on Reproduction00:03:01

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