Managing for More Milk Fat with Dr. Tom Jenkins, Clemson U

  • Course level: Intermediate
  • Duration 1h 17m 36s


This series from Dr. Tom Jenkins from Clemson University lays the foundation for understanding the cause of milk fat depression and is the first step in managing for better outcomes. Explore the effects of rumen pH as a risk factor for milk fat depression, and learn some very practical suggestions to better manage this variable in the milk fat equation with good feed and cow management.

In this course you will learn:

  • The key risk factors that affect milk fat production
  • How you can proactively manage milk fat on your dairy
  • Dramatic changes in rumen pH are not needed
  • Low pH might explain much of the MFD risk of high starch 
  • Manage rumen pH by following good feed and cow management practices

Topics for this course

4 Lessons1h 17m 36s

Managing for Milk Fat

What is the Cause of Milk Fat Depression in Layman’s Terms?00:12:49
Milk Fat Depression: How Important is Rumen pH?00:18:31
Proactively Manage Your Milk Fat00:32:43
MIR Milk Fatty Acid Analysis: Basic Definitions00:13:33

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