Fatty Acids and Reproduction with Dr. Eduardo Ribeiro, U of Guelph and Dr. José Santos, U of Florida

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In this course, you will discover how fatty acid nutrition plays a direct role in the reproductive success of dairy cows. As early pregnancy loss continues to be a challenge, Dr. Eduardo Ribeiro from the University of Guelph shares his findings on the integral role that fatty acids play in pregnancy and the uterine environment.  In addition, Dr. Jose Santos from the University of Florida at Gainesville discusses his research on the effects of fatty acid nutrition and fertility responses using data from a meta-analysis summary.

In this course you will learn:

  • Fatty acids are really important for pregnancy as they are coordinating a lot of changes in cell biology during elongation of the conceptus.
  • Omega-3 supplementation early postpartum helps to resolve inflammation after calving, as well as optimizes uterine environment during the breeding period.
  • Specific fatty acid supplementation leads to significant reproductive responses such as improved conception and reduced pregnancy loss.

Topics for this course

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Fatty Acids and Reproduction

The Role of Fatty Acids On the Development & Survival of Pregnancy00:11:34
Effects of Altering the Omega-6 to Omega-3 Ratio on Lactation Performance & Immune Response00:22:43

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