Fatty Acid Digestibility with Dr. Tom Jenkins, Clemson U and Dr. Jackie Boerman, Purdue

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In this series of videos, Dr. Tom Jenkins explores the topic of digestibility of fatty acids. Digestibility is a key factor that often explains the differences in what is fed to the dairy cow versus the results we see in production, body condition and reproduction. Also included in this series is a review of individual fatty acid digestibility data by Dr. Jacquelyn Boerman of Purdue University.

In this course you will learn:

  • Importance of the digestibility of your fat sources versus other factors impacting nutritional value to the cow, as well as economic impact to the dairy producer
  • The digestibility of fat sources is a key component in determining the energy actually available to the cow 
  • Better understanding of the key factors impacting digestibility of fat sources
  • For every individual fatty acid, other fatty acid concentrations reaching the small intestine impact its digestibility, indicating that fatty acid profile and not just the total amount of fatty acids reaching the duodenum may impact digestibility.

Topics for this course

5 Lessons01h 9m 58s

Fatty Acid Digestibility

How Much Do Digestibilities Vary Among Fat Sources?00:15:18
What are the Kinds and Amounts of Lipids Reaching the Intestines of Cows?00:08:41
How Much Emphasis Should Be Put on Digestibility When Evaluating Fat Sources?00:12:19
How Are Fatty Acid Digestibility Values Determined?00:10:31
Individual Fatty Acid Digestibility with Dr. Jacquelyn Boerman00:23:09

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