Fatty Acid Analysis with Dr. Tom Jenkins, Clemson U and Dr. John Goeser, Rock River Labs

  • Course level: Intermediate
  • Duration 45m 58s


This series by Dr. Tom Jenkins will provide you with the basic understanding of what is offered in a fatty acid analysis of animal feed.  This includes an overview of how fatty acid analysis can help diagnose milk fat depression problems, the role that RUFAL plays in that diagnosis, and his guidelines on when to send in TMR samples. This course also includes a special session from Dr. John Goeser of Rock River Laboratories and his research on fatty acid variation in dairy feed and the importance of measuring total fatty acid content vs. ether extract.

In this course you will learn:

  • Fatty acid analysis reports include the percentage of the amount of total fatty acids in the TMR, as well as the breakdown of individual fatty acids
  • Reasons why RUFAL levels that are >3% might not correlate well with milk fat depression
  • How to proactively manage milk fat with fatty acid profile analysis of individual ingredient samples

Topics for this course

5 Lessons45m 58s

Fatty Acid Analysis

What Lipid Analysis Are Available Commercially for Animal Feed00:07:33
What Information is Available in a Fatty Acid Analysis of an Animal Feed?00:02:57
How Can a Fatty Acid Analysis Help Me Diagnose Milk Fat Depression Problems?00:06:18
When Should I Submit Samples for a Fatty Acid Analysis?00:06:06
Fatty Acid Variation in Feeds Impacting Dairy Nutrition00:23:04

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