Essential Fatty Acid Functions with Dr. Charlie Staples, U of Florida

  • Course level: Intermediate
  • Duration 1h 22m 58s


Dr. Charlie Staples, from the University of Florida, spent a significant portion of his life’s work focused on better understanding the essential fatty acids and how they work in the dairy cow. His legacy lives on with this course on Fatty Acid Forum.

In this course, you will learn the following:

  • Which fatty acids are essential to be fed in the dairy cow’s diet
  • How these essential fatty acids are affected in the rumen and what factors can improve delivery to the small intestine
  • How essential fatty acids are stored in bovine tissues and the impact they have on cell membrane function and fluidity
  • What role essential fatty acids have in mediating immune responses and how target feeding omega-6’s and omega-3’s can improve transition and reproductive performance
  • Understanding if cows are deficient in essential fatty acids, what the positive benefits are from ensuring the cows’ needs are met with these important nutrients.

Topics for this course

5 Lessons1h 22m 58s

Essential Fatty Acids – a 5 Part Series with Dr. Charlie Staples

Which Fatty Acids are Dietary Requirements and Where Can They Be Found?00:18:58
How are the Essential Fatty Acids Stored in Bovine Tissue?00:12:50
What are the Key Functions of Essential Fatty Acids in Bovine Tissues?00:14:41
Is There Evidence of Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency/Benefit in Dairy Animals?00:19:18
How Much of the Essential Fatty Acids Can Escape Biohydrogenation in the Rumen?00:17:11

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